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Come out to 2015 Budget meeting to show support for the skatepark

Posted on 21 Feb 2015 in WSA blog | 0 comments

Want a new skatepark? Then come out and show your support.

2015 Budget community meeting needs to show support from the skate community.

Its been awhile since we got the community an update….

The skateboard park project was on the municipalities end has been received positively. The municipality has met with the WB foundation and are evaluating working together to get ample funds to build us a proper park. The WB foundation would like to see Council’s financial commitment and the skate communities support for the design before committing themselves to the project. On the Council side of things, the project will be on the list for the public open house on Feb 25th, but there won’t be any details about the project. Members of Council and Sr staff will be in attendance at the 25th open house from 6-9pm at Millennium place. – This is a great opportunity for the skate community to come out and share some positive energy with Council about why this project is important for our community, local fundraising efforts, youth young adult and adult recreation needs and why we need a skatepark overhaul. Come out to the meeting and help make this project happen.


If the project gets ample support we would be looking for a skatepark design open house meeting in March.

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